Life is Full of Transition...


Now it is your turn to apply this proven process to whatever your transition might be.

Remember, Everything is going to be okay!

Answer these questions on the worksheet to design your own *SUPPORT * FOCUS * ATTITUDE * EMPOWER * MINDFULNESS* plan.

 I was in Corporate for over thirty years, rode the waves of five lay-offs, then took an early retirement from the SAME company to pursue my dream of helping others get unstuck.

Attitude is the key to surviving changes in life. I encourage education to grow yourself above the chaos.

Transitions are a natural part of living and growing as a person. Are you celebrating your transitions as a rite of passage? 

Please accept this gift of my Transition Success Cheat Sheet. I look forward to connecting with you.


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with Janiece Rendon, M.A. ***The Transition Strategist***

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Audiences are inspired when Janiece speaks, sharing her story, lessons learned, and experiences in dealing with change, transition, and transformation. 

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